Subscription: acknowledgement

La ferme Terra Millefolia commits to :

  • Deliver every week at the agreed place and time produce grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, freshly harvested on the farm;
  • Do everything possible to get a fair harvest and share the benefits of a generous season, when it happens;
  • Allow you to reschedule up to two (2) deliveries during your vacations. This means you will recieve (an) extra basket(s) before or after you are away (during our deliverey season). You are free to choose when you get your replacement basket(s), but this remains dependent upon climatic and other external conditions. Terra Millefolia must be advised of any change at least seven (7) days before the delivery;
  • IN THE GREEN ALLEY AND AT FRANCE'S: Refund at the end of the season the 20$ deposit for the reuseable containers, provided these were returned clean every week. If this condition is not fulfilled, we may keep the deposit, partially or in full*. 

As a partner, I acknowledge that :

  • I commit for the full season, understanding that there cannot be any guarantee for the amount of produce I will recieve every week. This also implies that the benefits of a generous season will be shared with me;
  • The content of the basket is grown without chemical inputs, and I accept the risks of climate, diseases and pests;
  • I am responsible to show up to the drop-off point at the specified time, unless I cannot receive my basket (exceptions may happen, in which case Terra Millefolia must be clearly informed);
  • AT ETOH: I must provide containers to bring the content of my basket home.
  • IN THE GREEN ALLEY AND AT FRANCE'S: I must give back every week the containers from the week before, clean and in good shape*.

* fees are 4$ for every missing container more than three weeks, and 2$ for every dirty container after notice

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