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What Terra Millefolia Farm offers you

Get access to the most fresh local produce, grown to your intention

Help reduce waste from our field to your table: we use reuseable containers for our deliveries when bulk is not an option to minimize the pressure on natural resources

Be a part of the transition towards a local and sustainable agriculture

Discover delicious new varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs

Connect with the origin of you food by knowing your dedicated farmer

Make healthy eating easy and enjoy nature's bounty!

Together, we do more than growing food:

We contribute to the mission of solidarity markets to make fresh and healthy food accessible to all

We act for a pesticides and GMO-free agriculture and inform customers on these issues

Read about our last public discussion with l'Alliance pour l'interdiction des pesticides systémiques (AIPS) (in french)

We work on the creation of a cooperative aiming at expanding the offer of ecological seeds for Quebec's commercial market gardeners

Terra Millefolia farm, growing since 2016