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Terra MIllefolia ferme agroécologique biologique et solidaire

The farm

Terra Millefolia is our wonderland. Its name echoes Alice's famous adventures (in Terra Mirabili) as well as Achillea millefolium, or yarrow, an indigenous plant full of wonders.

Currently located on a leased land on Île Bizard, Montréal, Terra Millefolia is a diversified market garden in line with our environmental values. There, we share a land, buildings and machinery with other farming projects. We grow with all our heart delicisous veggies as well as medicinal and aromatic herbs since 2016. In 2018, we officially integrate seed saving in our activities as co-founders of a cooperative project of local seed promotion. In our view, seed are an incredibly powerful symbol of resistance, (r)evolution, patience and empowerment.

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The farmers

Andreas Rerych et Sophie Boulerice

Austrian-style in the fields

Passionate about ecology and agriculture, Andreas and Sophie met on an agroecological farm in Northern India founded by Vandana Shiva, a well-known indian activist. The knowledge gathered there on seed saving, GMO's impact and the importance of traditional varieties and techniques definitely guided Terra Millefolia's ethics.

Andreas graduated in horticulture at Weihenstephan University in Germany, as well as in agronomy at Francisco-Josephinum college in Austria. Sophie graduated in environmental sciences at McGill university and at UQAM; her masters research focused on phytoremediation, a technology integrating biology and soil science to restore contaminated lands.

Togheter, and with the invaluable help of friends and family, they work hard to make their vision of a mindful and fair future come true.

Terra Millefolia supports the mission and is a member of: