Community Supported Agriculture

  • Baskets are delivered weekly (of bi-weekly) at a designated drop-off point;
  • Are you away for a week or two during the summer? No problem! You may compensate for missed baskets with double shares whenever you desire (before mid-october, farmers must be advised at least a week ahead of any modifiation, up to 2 baskets);
  • Some vegetables are in bulk. You are responsible to bring your own containers.
  • Baskets contain in-season veggies only. They are usually smaller at the beggining of the harvest season, but they fill up as the season goes. Their value is thus an average;
  • Payment can be done in one or two installments. The first payment must be done before the first delivery and confirms the subscription, the second is due before July 31st;
  • Commiting to community supported agriculture is sharing risks with the farmer. Climatic extremes may cause your basket to be smaller than planned. Of course, we do everything we can to deliver a fair share. On the other hand, you'll benefit when harvest is bountiful!
Distribution de paniers biologiques dans Villeray


Simple share (19 weeks)

Double share (19 weeks)

Bi-weekly share (19 weeks, 9 baskets)

Fall share

Double fall share






The content

Three sizes are available to suit your needs: simple share, double share and bi-weekly share.

Our simple share will suit small households and families preferring to complete their weekly veggie share at the market. Gourmet, families and roommates, you have greater needs? Our double share is for you. You don't always have the time to cook yourself, or the kids are at home every second week? Opt for our bi-weekly share!

Where possible, delivery is made as a mini-market: you may choose between getting different vegetables or more of one vegetable.

See examples below (solely for guidance):

What size suits my needs?

Our 3 different sizes are made to fit the needs of home-chef as well as those of busy locavores. In most cases, the simple share will feed small households or households willing to complete their grocery with veggies of their choice. Home-chefs, families with kids and house-sharers, you needs may be greater and the double share be a better fit. You often eat out or have the kids home only every second week? Think about the bi-weekly share.

The weekly newsletter

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Before every delivery, you recieve an email informing you about the content of the basket. This allows you to pick your choices from the mini-market ahead and plan your weekly menu in accordance.

Every week has its star veggie, and the email will inform you about its origins and how to use it. You will also get tricks and advices about vegetable conservation and preparation, recipes, farm news, and more!

(in french only)

Points de livraison

EtOH Brasserie

Tuesday, 5PM-6:30PM

Ruelle verte Aylwin - Sherbrooke - Cuvillier - Rachel (Rosemont)

Wednesday, 6PM-7PM

Chez France (Ahuntsic)

Tuesday, 5:15PM-6:30PM

À la ferme

Monday and Tuesday, on call

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